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Since 1978, the Mid City PTAC division has been providing quality PTAC services throughout Canada. With PTAC service centres and affiliates in major Canadian cities, including Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto, we are able to respond to all your PTAC needs regardless of your location. Wherever the need for PTAC units, we are there! This includes providing PTAC units to institutions and organizations, both commercial and industrial. Our PTAC clients in the past have included commercial developers, hotels such as the Four Points Sheraton, constructions companies in need of PTAC units for new developments, and educational institutions, to name a few. After assessing your PTAC needs, we are able to procure the necessary units from our reliable PTAC suppliers rapidly and have them operational in time for when they are needed.

PTAC heating as well as PTAC cooling units are offered, and whether you are looking to replace your previous PTAC unit, or purchase a new PTAC product, we are there to guide you through the process. Our customer service is knowledgeable in the field of PTAC products and can provide you detailed information on the PTAC units that are available on the market, and which ones are right for you. The detailed information on PTAC units provided on our website,, allows you to browse at your own convenience and get an idea of the mix of PTAC products that we are able to provide you. You are always able to call or email us with your PTAC questions, which we will respond to promptly. With a wealth of PTAC experience at our disposal, we are confident in our ability to find a PTAC solution that works for you. Having worked with our PTAC suppliers for many years, we have also developed a network of partners who can help us obtain PTAC parts and accessories when required.

Our range of PTAC units includes brand names that are the leaders in the field of PTAC products, including Haier, Amana, Frigidaire and Goodman. In addition to a breadth of choices, we offer a great of choice within each PTAC brand, with different PTAC units available to suite the various needs of the users of PTAC products. At every price range, we can offer quality choices of PTAC products and parts, as well as prompt delivery and installation of the PTAC units. We work with qualified professionals to fulfill the installation needs of our PTAC clients, who ensure that your PTAC system is installed to function at its optimal level.

Our Energy Efficient PTAC units perform effectively while keeping your energy bill at its lowest. Fitted with the latest in PTAC technology, our PTAC products are guaranteed to provide you with the comfort that you seek from a PTAC unit, at a comfortable price, for a . All our PTAC units come with a warranty from the manufacturers, who are able to service any requests with the experience and trustworthiness that has helped them establish themselves as leaders in the PTAC industry.

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